Monday, October 5, 2015

An Installation in the Upper West Side

A collector recently sent photos of some of my pieces in his apartment in the Upper West Side, New York City. Seeing my work in a new setting, especially an elegant one like this, is always humbling. But also exciting - in this case I felt that perhaps paintings do have a life of their own.

I was lucky to see the installation over the weekend and so I thought I'd share the pics with hyperlinks to Flickr.

And thanks to my friend and one NYC's most inspiring models, Claudia Hajian, for featuring this post on Museworthy.

Left to right: Lucian Freud, Betty 1, Rosanna, Mark 2

Left to right: Juan, Jen

Center: Raven 6

Left to right: Claudia, Jen

On the side table: John


  1. Fantastic! They have such a good collection of your work! : ) They often look different in clients' homes. I get surprised to see mine. : )

    1. Thanks Midori! I'm can imagine that your sculptures look amazing in your clients' homes. Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  2. The home owner is obviously a fan of your artworks just like me!