Thursday, July 27, 2017

Courage and Disturbance

I'm happy to announce that three of my paintings are featured in Linus Galleries' online exhibit, "Courage and Disturbance":
This is a combined online art show of two different themes: Disturbance and Courage. We feel that almost every artist comprehends and feels on a different level than most people the concept of Disturbance. It’s a feeling or thought that creates a dissonance in spirit. But isn’t that what creativity evolves out of? Disturbance can be discontent, a different perspective, a conveying of hard truth, horrible unrest, or a reporting of injustice. In this open art call we asked to see what disturbs the artist.

These are times of real courage, of strength, of protest, and resilience. We asked the artist to take those thoughts and emotions and express through their art the concept of Courage in this call for entries.
I hope that you'll have a chance to view the inspiring works in the video.