Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Arternative Facts

My paintings Crystal, Esteban, and John 5 will be featured in The Road Gallery's Arternative Facts show from March 16 to June 30, 2017:
Questions about what constitutes truth and fact are more pressing today than ever. In a post-reality world of fake news, spread pandemically by social media, accuracy and honesty are rare commodities. Getting to absolute truth has never been easy. Perception and reality are uncomfortable bedfellows. They don’t play nicely together. However, we are living in unprecedented times of unscrupulous misinformation, epitomized by those immortal words, alternative facts.

Ever since the Trump administration has taken office, we've been increasingly concerned about censorship, rights and freedoms. We’ve also been thinking about art’s place in the political arena and the impact art can and should have in society. At The Road Gallery we strongly believe in the power of art and artistic expression to provoke reaction, ask important questions, create dialogue and inform the debate. With this in mind, we our proud to present our Artnernative Facts show. We invited artists to submit work that:

- Portrays an alternative view of current realities.
- Portrays alternative perspectives on the current political landscape.
- Rethinks, reimagines and challenges commonly held beliefs and assumptions.

We were astounded by the responses from around the world. What quickly became clear is that artists want their voices to be heard and have a lot to say. There were some deeply personal responses, some deeply political responses and some deeply socially motivated responses. After carefully reviewing all the submissions, we have curated over 60 pieces from 19 artists. Most of the works are accompanied by information about the artist and an arternative fact - their insights about the piece. We encourage you to read these as they add a great deal of richness to the images.

10% of all sales (and 100% on some pieces) will be split across the following non-profit organizations: ACLU, Planned Parenthood and The International Rescue Committee.
I hope you'll get a chance to explore the featured artists' responses to the current political climate as well as The Road Gallery's awesome website.