Sunday, June 30, 2013

Claudia, acrylic on canvas

Over the past four weeks I worked on a large scale acrylic of the beautiful model Claudia, a true artist's muse and, through her blog, an avid proponent of music and painting.

I reined in my abstract tendencies a bit, paying careful attention to Claudia's face, proportions, and the placement of her hands. Still, this wasn't exactly classical realist image - the influences of Andy Denzler, Ann Gale, Andrew Salgado, and Rob Sheridan are now too deeply ingrained in my process. I was probably aiming for a modern take on Klimt and Seurat, perhaps filtered through the sensibility of glitch art.

Labels, of course, are useless, especially in the context of creative expression. What matters to me is discovering new points of view while making art, and certainly I had a lot of fun with this portrait.

We have a two week break before the July session, so Happy 4th to all!

Dimensions: 30 x 30 inches