Sunday, November 10, 2013

Contemporary Figurative Expressionism

Here's a quick blog post about some of my favorite figurative expressionists in the contemporary art world.

These artists explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction. Their works reference the masters of action painting (de Kooning, Pollock), mixed media (Rauschenberg, Bearden), pop  (Warhol), color field (Frankenthaler), and painterly portraiture (Freud, Bacon), while synthesizing their own visual language.

Electronic media also exerts a huge influence among many of these painters, some of whom employ glitched, pixelated imagery as a modern take on impressionism.

I admire these artists' virtuosity and refusal to settle on a formulaic, marketable style. Rather, these artists continue to experiment with technique, materials, and content.

Click on their links and explore their work.


  1. I really enjoyed this selection and have discovered artists that I knew nothing about so thank you for widening my horizon.

  2. Thanks Jane for visiting my site :)

  3. have you seen the Australian painter Kremnizer? Checkout his Facebook Art page. Very similar but maybe more formed,

  4. Robert Kremnizer's work is very good! Thanks so much for letting me know about his Facebook page :)

  5. Hi
    I like your blog and I also love Robert Kremnizer's work. This is the one which won the Waverly. It is awesome in real life. Want to put it on your blog?

  6. Such a great list, discovered a few new artists, thanks for sharing! I also do abstract/figurative works so found this helpful. Feel free to check it out!