Saturday, August 4, 2012


For the July session at the National Academy of Design, we had two veteran models, Bruce and Donna. Their rich complexions and wonderful bone structures inspired me to push the extremes of realism and abstraction, and also get down to the basics of black and white.

I like to work in grisaille from time to time just to hone in on drawing, composition, and value without the added stress, I mean complication, of color. Grisaille, as I discovered, can also be useful for abstraction. I took my cues from the atmospheric monochromes of Eugène Carrière and Frank Auerbach.

The National Academy will be on summer break until September but I do have an upcoming monotype workshop with Mary Beth McKenzie at the Art Students League from August 13-17. I'm thinking taking a mixed media class as well. Should be fun.

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