Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monument Lane

(photo courtesy of Monument Lane on Facebook)

Fun fact from the New Yorker: "before the Revolutionary War, when most of the area was still fields, part of [Greenwich Avenue] led to a monument honoring General James Wolfe and his victory over the Québécois, and was known as Monument Lane."

Monument Lane is now a charming restaurant on 103 Greenwich Avenue (corner West 12th Street) that serves updated  American cuisine. It seems to be a bit under the culinary radar and I only heard about it on a Chowhound thread about neighborhood favorites in the West Village.

I went to Monument Lane a few times last winter and enjoyed the pimento cheese toasts (gooey and retro), crispy chick peas (like popcorn and just as addictive), roasted cauliflower quiche, farro risotto, baked dumplings with chard and mushrooms, and a sublime roast duck special.

During my most recent visit I noticed a few new items on the menu:

Mache and arugula salad, buttermilk blue cheese dressing, shaved red onion - delicious and perfectly balanced.

Braised chicken leg and chicken sausage, grits, mushrooms, leek cream, parmesan - excellent, this really was the best chicken stew ever.

Chocolate mousse, peanut butter mousse, chopped salted peanuts, rice crispies - layered in a whiskey glass, this creamy dessert was like the unholy love child of a Reese's peanut butter cup and a Kit Kat bar with 1000 times more calories. But who's counting.... OMG.

It's usually easy to walk in before 7:00 pm but I'd recommend reservations for prime time. The young, goodlooking staff is friendly and efficient and the restaurant has the appealing vibe of a popular gathering place for locals. Open for dinner daily, and for lunch/brunch Tuesday through Sunday. Highly recommended.


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